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Our History.

PT. Bojong Westplas was established in 1991, with over 25 years of experience in producing raw materials for plastics such as PVC Compound. These are used in cables and PVC profile, XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) compound for low voltage cables, and PE jacketing compound.

In 2003

PT. Bojong Westplas started to expand production in China, and begin to export out PVC products into international waters in SEA such as Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and much more.

In 2006

The brand 'Westpex' was born, and we further expand our business in producing PEX pipes made using XLPE compound.

Westpex PEX pipes has a high degree of flexibility that that are able to withstand an immense amount of pressure, while retaining its original shape.

In 2007

PT. Bojong Westplas started to produce conduit pipes with the use of XLPE compound.

In 2010

PT. Bojong Westplas started producing PPR pipes production from Polypropylene Random Co-Polymer Type 3 in diversification our business for clean water usage.


Our Vision & Mission.


To lead the most innovative modern pipe manufacturer in Indonesia, with the hopes of the brand 'Westpex' becoming the standard of future piping in Indonesia, while dominating Indonesian modern pipe markets.


Westpex is known as the 1st PEX pipe manufacturer in Indonesia and SEA, alongside PPR pipes and other innovative products we have are used in the majority of constructions in Indonesia.

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